Brian Bellgraph
2/6/2020 6:45 AM
Brian Bellgraph was a huge supporter and advocate for all positive things in youth hockey.
Today Grandville and West Michigan Hockey lost a true friend and passionate advocate of
doing things the right way, regardless of popular opinion. Brian only wanted the best for those
he cared for, he cared little about what was in it for him, it was about helping others, helping
grow the game and doing it the right way. Brian and Jenn Bellgraph were a dynamic example of
a husband and wife who gave way more to our Grandville Community than they ever expected
to receive in return, it was simply their way. Brian leaves behind his awesome wife Jenn and
two fantastic sons in Logan and Ian. Thank you Brian for all you have meant to each of us and
to youth hockey!
On a personal side, Brain, you were the truest of friends, sincere, honest and loyal. For nearly
20 years we worked alongside each other, sharing each others successes, challenges and
short-comings. You were on speed dial when I got one of my many crazy ideas and always was
a great one to bounce them off of. For me, I lost a dear and true friend, a person who had your
back through it all. I ask my Grandville players to Leave a Legacy before they graduate, well
Brian, the Legacy you Leave is something we all hope to aspire to. Love you buddy!
Joel Breazeale
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