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2017 Bulldog Summer Training Presentation & Clinic Form
Page Created By: Chris Cassell Date : 5/4/2017

Please refer to the attached power point presentation in case you missed the meeting or want to refer back to information covered by Coach Breazeale 

Also attached is the Summer Clinic registration form  The cost is $200  See the message below from Coach B

Hello all returning and prospective Bulldog Hockey players!

I'm thrilled to announce that the 2017 Bulldog Hockey Summer Training Program is now open for registration!

Grandville Hockey takes great pride in acknowledging the fact that we are if not the smallest, then one of the smallest D1 Varsity Hockey programs in the State of Michigan.  Yet our program continues to compete at the highest of levels, season after season!

A significant reason is the commitment our program and players make to the most intense and in-depth training program across multiple levels of higher-end hockey, from NCAA D3, T2junior and T1 youth. No program is close. Additionally, the cost is affordable to ALL!

This opportunity is provided so that you can make the most of your abilities and continue the Legacy set by prior Great Bulldog Hockey Teams who were committed to Leaving a proud Legacy of Character, Performance and Perseverance!

If you have questions,please email or call.

Attached you will find the registration.

Registration deadline isFriday, June 5.

Thank you!

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