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March 2015
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Grandville wins first round playoff game 9-1
The Dawg’s got off to a good start in this years playoffs by beating West Ottawa 9-1 in the first round. They started off with good back and forth action by both teams. Then in the middle of the period Grandville was able to start out the scoring
Playoffs start Monday March 2
Grandvilles first round playoff game is Monday March 2 at 5:00. They will be playing West Ottawa at Georgetown Ice Arena. Come out and support your Bulldogs!
Dawg’s win final regular season game
Friday night was the last regular season game for the Dawg’s as they played Forest Hills Northern/Eastern.  FHNE jumped out to an early lead in the first as Grandville was unable to put one in the net. However in the second period the Dawg’s
Hockey Boosters Fund Raiser at Bagger Daves February 25
The Grandville Hockey Boosters will be having a fund raiser at Bagger Daves on Wednesday February 25 from 5-9pm. 15% of all pre-taxed food sales will be donated to the Grandville Hockey Boosters. The Grandville Hockey Boosters form must be printed
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John Cekander entered latest scores, check them here new scores
John Cekander just posted a news article Playoffs start Monday March 2
John Cekander entered latest scores, check them here new scores
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